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Hardware, Firmware, Software and Product Design

IoT Product Development

Hardware and Firmware Design

Software and Mobile Application Development

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Hardware and Firmware Design

We have decades of experience designing robust hardware and firmware. We are experts at choosing the right technology to most efficiently meet requirements.

Mobile App Design

Whether you need a simple app to interface to hardware or a complex app to interface to the world we can do it.


We have very extensive experience with manufacturing including decades of DFM, PCB design, automation, packaging, and injection molding. We always proceed with cost of manufacturing in mind and are unmatched at creating the best products for the lowest cost.


Software Development

True Full-Stack we design and integrate everything from Hardware to Firmware to Middleware to Frontends to ERP systems.

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Testing and Regulatory

Whether it's medical, industrial or consumer we have been through each process many times and can help test and make sure your product meets the requirements of each regulatory agency including FCC, IEC, FDA, UL and CE.

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